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Hear Our Backstory

Although born in Philadelphia, sisters Lila and Penelope Tasca have spent the majority of their lives in Las Vegas.  Growing up, they were exposed to every dimension of Las Vegas, from the opulence of the Strip to the homeless encampments on D Street. As they got older, Lila and Penelope began to think about how they could give back to the community they grew to love.


Just as the question turned from “How can we help in our area?” to “Who can we help in our area?”, Lila and Penelope realized that they wanted to focus their efforts on children and education.  After doing some research, they were particularly affected by the domestic violence shelters in the region, which provide a safe space for abused women and children who, in an effort to flee unnoticed, often have to leave most of their belongings behind. Thus, the idea of Bright Minds Las Vegas — a nonprofit to help provide the Valley’s courageous children in crisis with an additional opportunity for education — soon emerged, and the company was officially founded in March 2023.


As of May 2023, Bright Minds Las Vegas consists of three team members: Lila Tasca, President & Founder; Penelope Tasca, Vice President & Founder; and Zach Rose, Marketing Director. The company has already provided academic mathematical materials to one shelter in Las Vegas, and is currently working on distributing materials to others.

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